History & Passion

Growing up as a young boy, Maurice Cardillo always had the passion and the love for organizing events and tournaments. At the young age of 18, when he told his father that he wanted to take one semester off from college to think things out, you can imagine how his father was not happy. It was then that Maurice was introduced to a person who was selling invitations and business cards. What started out as a part time job to make some extra money soon became a passion for Maurice to organize parties and start selling wedding invitations. Maurice soon went back to school to complete his Business degree but always while continuing his passion.

Splitting his bedroom to a half office was just the beginning. So many years later, here we are with a brand new building and a top notch showroom with all the amenities to impress our clients.

But the most important of all, is that until this day, his passion is still there and Maurice treats every client or meeting as if it were his first one.

All of this is not possible with the constant help of family and the best employees in the business