Operations & Sales

Maurice Cardillo

Director - Sales & Management

Growing up as a young boy, I always had the passion and the love for organizing events and tournaments. I remember organizing hockey tournaments at the age of 14 years. At the young age of 18, when I told my father that I wanted to take one semester off from college to think things out, you can imagine how unhappy that made my father. It was then that I was introduced to a person who was selling invitations and business cards. What started out as a part time job to make some extra money soon became a passion for me to organize parties, events and begin selling wedding invitations. I also did the right thing and soon went back to school to complete my Professional Business degree but always while continuing my passion.

While still living at home, splitting my bedroom to a half office was just the beginning. So many years later, here we are with a brand new building and a top notch showroom with all the amenities to impress our clients.

But the most important of all, is that until this day, my passion is still there and I treat every client or meeting as if it were my first one.

All of which were not possible without the continuous love and support from my family and employees. The rest as they say is history.


Mary Cordi

Office Manager & Sales

Never would I have thought that what started out as a part time job for me many years ago, has become and developed into a passionate career.

With many years of experience in the decorating industry, I still love and enjoy each new project and treat it as if it were my first one. Understanding and visualizing your dreams will always be ultimate goal.

I hope to have the pleasure of serving you quite soon.


Melissa Moretta

Office Assistant & Sales

I commenced my journey at Casa D'Eramo because I decided that I wanted to combine my organizational skills with my love for special events.

I love taking the time to get to know each of my clients. I believe that it is truly the key to making each event a reflection of you!

Hope to see you soon.



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